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The Triangulum galaxy M33 in the constellation triangulum. It is the third largest object in the local galaxy group with a diameter of 50kLy behind the Andromeda galaxy (150kLy) and our home galaxy, the milky way (100kLy). The triangulum galaxy has a distance of appx. 3MLYrs. Due to its large size, the surface brightness of this object is rather low, so that it is quite hard to be observed visually. Some reddish star forming H-Alpha regions can be seen through the galaxie’s arms.
Datum/Date: 31.10.2015, 01.11.2015 / October, 31st and November 1st, 2015 Conditions: 75% moon phase, strong gradients, good seeing Optik / Scope: 7,5” Maksutov Newtonian Astrograph f/5.3 with 2” 1:10 Crayford focusser Sensor/CCD: QHY10 CCD-Camera (APS-C) @ -20°C Autoguiding: ALccd5, off-axis guiding Belichtung/Exposure: 22x1500sec total integration time= 9h 12min Workflow: Deep Sky Stacker, PixInsight, Photoshop CS6
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Köfering, Bavaria 12° 12’ E 48°56’ N 344m N.N.
NGC 598 (Messier 33)