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Edge-onl galaxy in Andromeda with very prominent central dust lanes, visual brighntness 10m1, surface brightness 13,1mag/arcmin². The galaxy is about 30MLyrs deep in space. Field of view of the picture contains several more NGC, PGC and MGC galaxies. One of the faintest galaxies in this exposure is PGC2192879 with a magnitude of 18m6.
Datum/Date: 07.12.2015 / December, 07th, 2015 Conditions: 18% moon phase Optik / Scope: 7,5” Maksutov Newtonian Astrograph f/5.3 with 2” 1:10 Crayford focusser Sensor/CCD: QHY10 CCD-Camera (APS-C) @ -15°C Autoguiding: ALccd5 off-axis-guiding Belichtung/Exposure: 9x1500sec total integration time= 3h 45min Workflow: Deep Sky Stacker, PixInsight, Photoshop CS6
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Juniper Hill Observatory
Köfering, Bavaria 12° 12’ E 48°56’ N 344m N.N.
NGC 891