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The spiral galaxy NGC7331 lies in a distance of 50MLy and has a visual brightness of 10mag3. Surface brightness is 13.4mag/arcmin². Directly east to NGC7331 the galaxies NGC7335 (14mag5), NGC7336 (15mag6), NGC7337 (15mag6) aqnd NGC7340 (13mag7) can be seen. Further NGC, PGC and UGC galaxies down to 18th magnitude can be found in the filed of view.
Datum/Date: 05.08.2013 / August, 05th, 2013 Conditions: mediocre transparency, good seeing Optik / Scope: 7,5” Maksutov Newtonian Astrograph f/5.3 with 2” 1:10 Crayford focusser Sensor/CCD: QHY10 CCD-Camera (APS-C) @ -15°C Autoguiding: ALccd5 @ ED 80/600 Apochromat Belichtung/Exposure: 26x600sec total integration time= 4h 20min Workflow: Regim, PixInsight, Photoshop CS6
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NGC 7331 galaxy group, 100%-Ausschnitt aus obigem Bild / 100% Crop from above image
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