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Messier 13 is the globular cluster with the highest visible brightness in the northern hemisphere. The cluster’s distance is roughly 25000lyrs. The object was discovered by Sir Edmund Halley in 1714. A faint galaxy (NGC6207) can be seen NNE of the globular cluster. (Top left corner of the picture)
Datum/Date: 25.04.2013 / April 25th, 2013 Optik / Scope: 7,5” Maksutov Newtonian Astrograph f/5.3 with 2” 1:10 motorized Crayford focusser Sensor/CCD: QHY10 CCD-Camera (APS-C) @ -15°C Autoguiding: ALccd5 @ ED 80/600 Apochromat Belichtung/Exposure: 30 x 120sec , Gain=2, Offset=119, total integration time= 1h 00min 00sec Software: Regim, Fitswork, Photoshop CS6
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NGC 6205 (Messier 013)